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Woman Shares A Photo Of What It Looks Like When Someone Slips Ecstasy In Your Drink

Last Saturday, Twitter user @MiamiBud2 shared two horrifying side-by-side photos on her page.

The first shows her holding a red drink in one hand, with what looks like purple powder settled at the bottom of the cup.

She captioned the photos, “So I was at a party yesterday and some guy tried to drug me but me being the brilliant, sharp and quick person I am I noticed right away, went to the bathroom threw it down the sink and left.”

The second photo shows the inside of the cup, full of purple powder, once the red drink had been poured out.

OP’s tweet racked up over 88,000 likes and 28,000 replies in less than 48 hours’ time.

In subsequent tweets, she explained that the guy who slipped the drugs into her drink “is a millionaire, has business, properties (super loaded) and he was cute too.” She added that her friend had warned her to look out for this guy beforehand.

She also had a reply for the many victim-blamers in her mentions: “that can f—king happen anywhere at anytime,” she explained. “I’m not gonna be locked up in fear because men have no self control.”

“Listen to the women crying for help,” she added.

Many of the replies were from women who had experienced similar situations.

It’s worth noting that 8 out of 10 rapes are committed by someone known to the victim. In other words, it doesn’t matter if someone you “trust” is the person handing you a drink.

Others chimed in to describe what they would’ve done in a similar situation.

Unfortunately, we don’t know why OP didn’t get this predator in trouble with the police (could be his powerful position prevented such action) or whether she called him out in front of the other partygoers to ensure no other girls were drugged.

To all the ladies (and gentlemen!) out there, remember to never ever ever take an open drink from someone—regardless of whether they are well-known, influential, good-looking, rich, powerful successful, or trustworthy.

And if you want to be extra safe, nab yourself some drink testing chips: