Woman Shares Frightening Story Of Being Assaulted After Not Giving A Man Her Number

Women know how scary it can be to reject a guy’s advances. Some are polite about it, some are rude, and some are actually dangerous. They all kind of seem the same until the big reveal, so you never know what kind of guy you’re talking to until it’s too late. That’s why being approached by a stranger can make women so uncomfortable, even if he ultimately has no malicious intentions. This is a story about someone who definitely did.

A Twitter user with the handle @Leslyjenniferr shared some photos of herself, saying she was assaulted after a man near her bus stop asked her for her number. The pictures show a bruised face, split lip, scratches along her temple and her hands.

She says the man stopped his truck and asked for her number. She refused him a number of times, he exited the feel and “basically kidnapped” her, taking her to a nearby bridge. I think that qualifies as actual kidnapping.

She says that once they were there he tried to sexually assault her, but she was wearing what she describes as “anti-rape” leggings. They’re apparently leggings that are very difficult to remove without the wearer’s co-operation. Her attacker became frustrated and beat her.

She managed to escape, though she doesn’t say if she broke away or if he let her go. She chose to share the pictures as a warning to other women in the area and everywhere to carry pepper spray and walk accompanied. The attack happened in El Paso, Texas, near a local high school.

Obviously, @Leslyjenniferr’s claims that she was wearing leggings that can prevent rape invited a lot of questions. She says she bought them on Amazon long ago and was unable to find the link. A few commenters responded that they’d heard of the leggings as well and shared links to similar wear for anyone who was interested. She also tweeted something like what she was wearing:

The reality is that there’s no perfect strategy for avoiding assault, nor is it the responsibility of anyone to lock up their body so no one can touch it. Reading this woman’s experience, you can see how her life was in danger because of someone’s choice to harm her and things could have gone differently in a variety of ways. If anything, this is a story about why women are hesitant to engage with men they don’t know—instead of giving them a hard time, leave them alone. They might also be carrying pepper spray.