Twitter Is Demolishing This Woman’s Thread About ‘Broke People’ Having ‘No Class At All’

Every once in a while, a Twitter thread goes viral because of a take so wildly *bad*, it’s difficult to even figure out whether its author is trolling.

Unfortunately, Melissa Jeanine is no troll. The self-proclaimed businesswoman and “blue collar millionaire” purportedly teaches people “how to be wealthy and successful” with her financial self-help blog where she pens posts with titles like “I confess I’m a gold digger” and “How I bullied my daughter into not becoming fat.”

Jeanine was also 100% serious when she wrote a thread earlier this month about “broke people” and how they are “usually very low class, have extremely bad manners, have zero etiquette and no class at all whatsoever.”

And the irony of saying underprivileged folks have bad manners was fully lost on her.

She continued her thread by giving a couple of examples that are not in any way influenced by confirmation bias, not at all!

Jeanine explained how one time, she was asked to bring a cake for an employee birthday party but decided to bring cupcakes instead.

But her coworkers weren’t grateful!


So butt hurt, in fact, that 15 years later she is still calling those girls hurtful names.

She goes on to reveal she’s also still upset about a $10 Tupperware she lost while in the same breath using the term “socialite group” without a hint of irony.

Before returning back to that damn Hershey’s dessert.

Jeanine’s appalling, self-inflated thread was pummeled with responses–which we’ll get to in just a second—but it’s worth noting that she declared she’d shut down her mentions in a subsequent tweet.

And that everyone replying was a “perpetually offended broke” person.

Naturally, literally every response to Jeanine’s hella rude  thread pointed out that it was, in fact, one enormous self-own. Many focused in particular on that tale of the ~gourmet Hershey’s dessert~

But mostly, they just called her out for being an entitled jerk.