Woman Trolls Her Ex On Instagram After He Goes Ballistic About A Shirt In Her DMs

Sometimes breakups get messy. People don’t always part on the best terms. Maybe the separation was so sudden your ex ended up leaving a bunch of stuff behind. In that case, is it really so bad if you make use of it? Better than throwing it in a landfill. Think of the planet, for goodness sake!

A woman on Twitter with the handle @alyssanikaye11 (whose name I’m guessing is Alyssa) posted a conversation she had with her ex on Instagram after she posted an image of herself wearing an old t-shirt of his. He was not pleased to discover she had it. Luckily, Alyssa had the perfect response to someone cursing her our in her DMs.

Turns out her ex-boyfriend isn’t exactly the brightest penny in the fountain.

After he demanded, “Gimme my f*ckn shirt back,” Alyssa replied, “ACTION BLOCKED.”

She continued:

Sorry there was a problem with your request. If you believe we have made a mistake type ‘retry’

Guys. He actually fell for it.


Every moment in this conversation I expected him to write something like, “Haha, Alyssa, very funny. I know I’m not talking to an Instagram robot, it’s you doing one of your classic pranks. Keep the shirt, dummy.”

Instead, he just kept following along with the “Bot,” doing whatever he was told. I think we now all know why they broke up.

Most people are loving this pettiness, but one person tried to come for Alyssa in the comments.They want to know why she didn’t just give him back his shirt. She clarified that she actually doesn’t even have his shirt anymore, it was an old photo:

Um, same question:

Some people don’t believe her story, period.

Oh, honey. Don’t mess with Alyssa:

This is definitely a woman cut out for viral fame:

If you read this story and get angry on behalf of Alyssa’s ex-boyfriend, it might be because you recognize yourself in him. Which is sad for you. But the overall moral is: unfollow your ex on Instagram.