Woman Voted For Trump As A ‘Joke’ Gets Torn Apart By Twitter

You know what’s not fun? Talking about the 2016 election. The nightmare happened, and we’re living it, and rehashing who voted for whom is just…tiresome. But we’ve got another election coming up and it’s important to examine why people voted for who they did, so that it doesn’t happen again.

Vice recently put together a group of women for a panel called “Conservatives and Progressives Debate Feminism.” You can watch the full clip here, but the part that’s getting a ton of attention right now is when a Bernie Sanders supporter claims that she voted for Trump “as kind of a joke.”


Yes, the women called her out. When one woman exclaimed over the amount of “privilege” it took for anyone to see the 2016 election as a “joke,” the Trump voter began to backpedal. But no one was having it.

The woman who called the Trump voter out was Deja Foxx, and people on the internet did indeed give her props.

Another woman present was Nala Simone.

@BlairImani was also a panel member.

We also hope the person who vote as a joke learned her lesson.

The Bernie Sanders supporter wasn’t the only Trump voter in the panel, though. A different Trump supporter compared Trump joking about blatant sexual assault to Obama smoking pot, which is…what? Smoking pot is legal in a lot of places, while it’s unlikely that sexual assault will ever not be a crime (unless Trump gets his way). Deja Foxx tried to explain the difference to her, but it honestly probably didn’t get through to her.

And honestly, good on Foxx for trying. Because that matters.

Let’s all work really hard to make sure that the 2020 election doesn’t go the same way as the one in 2016. LIKE, REALLY HARD.

h/t: Twitter: @PelosiForSF, Twitter: @Deja_Foxx


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.