Woman’s Text Convo With Mom Who Wants To Buy Her Car Goes Viral For All The Right Reasons

Much of the stuff that goes viral does so because of some sort of outrage factor. People are not shy about being absolutely horrible on camera or in text conversations. Every day there’s a new story about people leaving mean notes on each other’s cars, acting like racist fools in videos, and saying ignorant stuff online.
There are also entitled people who ask for folks’ services for free or try to haggle people down to unreasonable amounts on items for sale.

That’s why it’s so nice when something goes viral for being nice. Like the Muslim man who tweeted about the Jewish co-worker who went out of his way for him.

This text convo between a woman selling a car and another woman who needed a car got super popular on Reddit because of the human kindness displayed. Human whatness, now? Yes, KINDNESS.

It starts with a woman who’s selling a car for $1200. Another woman texted her and said she thought that was a fair price, but wondered if the owner could hold the car for a week until her tax refund came.

The owner of the car said she didn’t want to hold it, and the woman texting responded, “That’s fine,” and went on to explain that she’d had a hard time finding something good in her price range and that she was currently using her mom’s car to take herself and her mom to work, as well as taking her kids to preschool.

After hearing about her situation, the owner of the car asked the woman if she wanted the car. It seemed like she was saying she’d hold the car, but she clarified that what she was saying was that the woman could have the car for free.

At first, the woman couldn’t believe her good luck and also seemed to feel guilty about accepting the car. But the owner said she just wanted the car to go to someone who actually needed it, and this woman clearly did.

The owner had to confirm a few times that yes, she really did mean free.

What a lovely thing to do for someone!

h/t: Someecards

Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.