Women Brutally Attacked By Lyft Driver Shares Her Harrowing Story On Instagram

A woman posted a terrifying story of being attacked by a Lyft driver after she rejected his advances along with photos of herself with cuts, bruises, and what looks like blood on her face and neck on her Instagram account as a warning to others. Images of the Instagram post have been shared on Twitter and are thankfully going viral, because people need to know about this.

User layylayy is not the one who suffered the assault, but wanted to share the story out of concern for other women who use ridesharing services like Lyft and Uber.

The woman in the photos, who appears to be Instagram user “woe.there,” describes calling for a Lyft to take her to the nearby CVS only to have him repeatedly ask for the gate code to her apartment complex despite her telling him to just wait for her to come out. It’s a good thing she didn’t give him the code, because it got worse from there.

“He asked how old i was then told me to give him my number, i said ‘nah i’m str8,'” she wrote. “he said ‘we can be friends’ ‘do you smoke?’ i said ‘i’m jus tryna get to my destination’ he PASSED the cvs then say ‘i’m finna cut this lyft shit off.'”


According to the post, the driver then started speeding and tried to get her phone out of her hands when she started to call the police. He for some reason circled back to her apartment complex and “told me to take my clothes off.” Thankfully, two people were nearby when she jumped out of the car, so the driver took off.

Included in the Twitter post is a photo of the Lyft app with a picture of “Justin,” the driver, and a confirmation that the victim paid $5.10 to be attacked. The women’s Instagram account is set to private, which is probably a good call for now.

There have been numerous reports of rideshare drivers attacking or attempting to abduct passengers, or in one case, refusing to take a woman to her appointment at an abortion clinic. In other cases, it’s the passengers who have been the problem, like the time a white Lyft passenger called the cops on his black driver before calling him the n-word.

Plenty of Twitter users have their own stories and advice for avoiding the worst.

With the rise of not-so-tightly-regulated rideshare apps, everyone should be extra careful when traveling about, especially if you’re a woman. It sure is fun being female.