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Ladies, If You’ve Got One Random Freckle On Your Wrist You’re Not Alone

Ladies, take a look at your arms. Do you notice anything? Sure, there’s skin, probably hair, maybe a bracelet or a tattoo or an old scar from the time you walked into light pole after saying hi to your crush on the street.

But is there also something else? Something you maybe don’t pay much attention to, but that’s been there with you all along. Do you see…a freckle? A solitary freckle somewhere near your wrist?

Well, you are far from alone. As it happens, just about every woman in the world has the same freckle on their arm (disclosure: statement not informed by scientific fact).

A woman named Aaryn Whitley (@aarynwhitley on Twitter) tweeted four pictures of women’s arms, each with a lone freckle somewhere between their hands and their elbows.

She wrote, “ladies….. u got a freckle on the middle of ur wrist of is this a myth lmao.”

The tweet went viral and the response made it clear that for whatever reason, a lot of women have that arm freckle.

Of course, many women have a lot of freckles on their arms.

But even among those with a lot of freckles, there seemed to be one that stood out bigger than the rest:

And, to be fair, there were women who didn’t have the freckle.

AND some guys DID have the freckle.

So what did we learn? Wellll, mostly we found out that a lot of people have freckles on their arms.


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.