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Women Are Sharing The Secret Weapons They Carry To Protect Themselves From Predators When They Run

A Canadian writer named Amanda Deibert kicked off a Twitter thread that raised the issue of how people cope with the dangers of Running While Female.

It’s something no one should have to worry about while trying to exercise but it’s something that people very much do, with Deibert’s acquaintances reporting that they carry everything from pepper spray to alarm necklaces when going for a jog alone.

Deibert asked others to share how they protect themselves when running and the thread quickly went viral as it tapped into a sadly widespread experience for women.


The list of precautions women take when running was long and varied as were the sorts of weapons, both common and makeshift, that they arm themselves with.

Others employ animal companions/bodyguards.

Fear was a common theme and the sentiment that the world shouldn’t be like this.