Watch This Women’s Basketball Team Mock Trump’s Fast Food At White House

Donald Trump invited another champion sports team to the White House for dinner, and yes, he served fast food again. Apparently, serving cheap gross food under heat lamps is now part of Trump’s brand. Either way, the women of the Baylor basketball team did not appreciate this offering as much as other teams did, or at least pretended to.

Center Kalani Brown took video of the spread overlayed with the words “the moment everyone’s been waiting for” and a cry-laugh emoji and can be heard snickering at the display of burgers, fries, and pizza. She then says “okay Donnie, cool” as the video ends.

The question is: Does Donnie know he’s a laughing stock for serving fast food to visiting teams, or does he do it because he knows people are laughing at him for it and so he can’t stop because it would be like admitting he’s an idiot?

At another point during the Lady Bears’ visit, Trump turned on the creepy by talking about their arms when he was handed one of their standard jerseys by the coach.

“You know, I love those short sleeves,” he said. “Such beautiful arms. Great definition.”

The jerseys, being jerseys, are actually sleeveless and exactly like the ones that male basketball players wear, Donnie.

Next question: What’s grosser, Trump’s culinary preferences or his words? Here’s what Twitter has to say:

The entire team managed to get out of there alive, although some of them may be dead on the inside.