Trayvon Martin’s Killer Is Broke, And Twitter’s Giggling About It

George Zimmerman, the ex-neighborhood watch volunteer who gunned down Trayvon Martin in Florida in 2012, claims to be in serious financial ruin.

According to the Associated Press, Zimmerman says that he is “$2.5 million in debt and has no income.”

The revelation comes as part of paperwork filed by Zimmerman as part of a not-guilty plea for a misdemeanor stalking charge. As the AP reports:

George Zimmerman filed paperwork detailing his financial state as he fights a misdemeanor stalking charge … Zimmerman is accused of sending threatening messages to private investigator Dennis Warren. Warren had contacted Zimmerman about a documentary series on the slain Trayvon Martin that’s being produced by rapper Jay Z. A sheriff’s report says Warren received numerous calls and texts from Zimmerman in December.

In addition to murdering Trayvon Martin and stalking/harassing a private investigator, Zimmerman has also been accused of physical and verbal abuse by several of his former romantic partners.

Perhaps that’s why Twitter had zero sympathy for Zimmerman’s supposedly dismal financial state.

In fact, many took the opportunity to celebrate.

Perhaps the “thoughts and prayers” that Republicans are so fond of doling out following school shootings will help Zimmerman during this tough time.