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Zoos Are Rating Their Animals Like Amazon Reviews And It’s Actually Very Informative

Zoos are pretty great. You get to look at antelopes hump or a rhino taking a massive dump and what’s not to love about that? But wouldn’t it be great if you knew the quality of that rhino? After all, if I’m going to stare at a koala napping in a eucalyptus tree, I want to know that I’m only looking
at the best. Wonder no more! Zoos and zookeepers across the country have taken on the important task of rating their animals like Amazon reviews. Don’t be surprised if you actually learn something too.

It all started when the Oregon Zoo gave two sound 4-Star reviews for their owls and river otters.

Not to be outdone, The California Academy of Sciences were brutally honest about their albino gator but were quick to update their score to best reflect reality.

Monterey Bay Aquarium’s quite the critic.

Then zoo-keepers, animal aficionados and zoos all around decided to jump in.

They’re good animals, zoos.